Aunty Fashionista

What is it?


Aunty Fashionista hates fast fashion which represents consumption gone mad. To combat this, she’s offering training and support in sewing skills, focusing on refashioning, garment copying, mending and upcycling clothing and textiles. From hand sewing to using a sewing machine, participants are encouraged to initiate and complete their own projects within a well equipped studio

How can it help the environment?


Reusing, repairing and repurposing of clothing and textiles prolongs their life. This reduces demand for new items, which use limited planetary resources and lowers emissions, energy use, waste and consumption. The sewing skills learnt in the class will encourage a repair and a make-your-own mentality thus promoting a sustainable environmental practices.

Why should I join?


Aunty Fashionista can help you:


  • Develop your hand sewing and sewing machine skills
  • Discuss sustainability and slow fashion
  • Gain autonomy, empowerment and creative freedom
  • Slow down and connect to your creative self
  • Improve wellbeing and connectedness
  • Make a tangible change to help yourself and the environment

When and where is it?


Coming soon. Do email us to book a private session

At our fully equipped studio in Kirkcudbright. Outreach available


The Studio, Palmers Close

High Street, Kirkcudbright



How much is it?


 By charitable donation on the day