What is it?


Over the next 5 years, EcoArt will be commissioning new works that offer creative ways of rethinking the current praxis of constant economic growth and the pursuit of ‘more’. EcoArt wishes to creatively explore ways of reconnecting with the more than human world, opening up opportunities for human and planet flourishing based on systems driven by values other than profit.


In 2021, EcoArt is developing work with artists to creatively respond to the COP21 summit in Glasgow.

The next open call for commissions will be in 2022

How can it help the environment?


Art has a unique ability to engage the public and to inspire or provoke change. It stimulates, feelings, thoughts and action. 

Why should I join in?


EcoArt commissions aim to:



  • Give creative freedom, allowing artists to evolve their creative abilities
  • Provide a creative space for showing and sharing artistic work
  • Show that you can make a positive difference to climate change

When and where is it?


Annually, open to artists based in Scotland