Upcycling & Sustainable Living Classes

What is it?


Our Upcycling and Sustainable Living classes provide a broad range of skills and knowledge that empower you to confidently upcycle and make sustainable eco products.  These practical hands on and online classes are also delivered for other organisations, businesses, institutions, public bodies and groups. 

Some examples are DIY Natural Body & Home Care, Botanical Eco Printing, Furniture Repair & Painting and  MYO Beeswax Wraps. 

Please get in touch for a full list of classes.

How can it help the environment?


By providing knowledge on how to make your own sustainable alternative products we can reduce energy use, lower our carbon footprint and lower the demand on finite natural resources.

You can learn to make laundry detergent, produce bags, toothpaste, beeswax wraps, lotions and much more.


These activities are designed to encourage improved sustainable living choices, promoting 'make, do and mend', make your own, plastic reduction and carbon emission reduction. The upcycling classes including the furniture repair/painting and learn to sew, these aim to keeps items in use longer. 

Why should we join?


These classes can help you or your organisation to:


  • Reduce consumption and increase sustainability

  • Save money and make useful items through upcycling

  • Learn how to reduce energy use and lower your carbon footprint

  • Find innovative ways to create everyday items with transferable skills

  • Feel part of the solution to create a more resilient environmentally sustainable society

  • Provide the knowledge and tools to affect behaviour change and improve consumer choices, protecting the environment

  • Pass on knowledge and behaviour that supports environmental protection

When and where is it?


We deliver classes online, at our studio in Kirkcudbright and at your location. We are happy to tailor to your group requirements.


The Studio,

Palmer's Close, High Street,




How much is it?


Consumption reduction classes cost between £10-£85.

To be inclusive we offer a 50% on 20% of our workshops.

Bespoke classes for your group from £120