Eco Crafters Social

What is it?


This local group offers a platform to connect, share ideas, experiences and knowledge around eco crafting. During the class we’ll explore the creative potential of botanicals, local waste and donated items to be turned into fashion, art, crafts and sustainable alternatives to new items. This is a safe, inclusive and supportive space focusing on connecting people to their creative selves; environmental issues; the sharing of skills, ideas and making. If you have skills you would like to share with us, give us a nod. We meet on the 3+4th Wed of the month 4-30-6pm


The class culminates in an annual exhibition of work by participants and collaborators.

How can it help the environment?


By connecting with nature, upcycling, repairing and reusing locally sourced waste and donations we can make a difference towards a reduction in consumption, waste, energy, emissions and demand on virgin resources. We can keep items for longer and lower environmental impact, reducing the demand for ‘new’ bought items/demand on resources.

Why should I join?


Eco Crafters Social aims to:


  • Empower by education, increasing confidence in the ability to make better choices that support a more sustainable future
  • Give creative freedom, allowing participants to evolve their creative abilities
  • Provide a creative space for showing and sharing artistic work
  • Help people connect to their creativity, to other participants, and to take climate action, improving health and wellbeing as part of a group
  • Show that you can make a positive difference to climate change

When and where is it?


Monthly 3rd and 4th 

Wed 4-6.30pm


The Studio

Palmers Close, High St

Kirkcudbright DG6 4JQ


How much is it?

By donation on booking or on the day