Flag Design Pack


Environmental Flag Designing


We are delighted to welcome you on board for an exciting adventure. This is an opportunity for you to explore and express how you feel about climate change. A flag designer is called a vexillographer. By submitting your design, you're taking action on climate change and that makes you are a vexillographic climate activist, congratulations.

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What you will need

  • The Flag Design Worksheet No.3  Use these to explore your thoughts and develop your design.


  • Use the Colour Code Chart for guidance.


  • Felt pens or coloured pencils for your design


Please either print sheets No.3 and No.5 or download them to use on a phone or tablet drawing App


Here is a great talk that might help with your design

Your design will be included in the growing archive collection that captures current feeling about climate change. Many designs are made into large flags. When these flags fly together, they create a stunning display that sends out our collective messages. These will fly over the coming years at venues around the country and further afield, including on a Tall Ship and at COP27 Egypt. Large flags and their meanings will appear on our website and be part of a book “Environmental Distress Signal Flags”.


Finally. Your design matters and is really important, so please share/return your completed Flag Worksheets to us. You can photograph the sheets and then email these to us, put them on our social media or post them to us.


Thank you!