Danger of disaster. Send Earth a lifeline

Unstable. Bring love joy and unity immediatly 

Connect together through nature and the heart

Danger of death, hope for positive action

Help, Migration Crisis

Danger, pollution and sea levels rising

Renewable energies needed to travel from danger to hope

Connect people and earth to be whole

Hope reigns, make space for balance

Be capable of both thought and action

Move to Hope

Change Direction

Movement through contrasts towards possibilities of unity and awareness.

Winkles at risk. Adapt and change now. The  natural flow of nature and life.


Trust. There is hope in the darkness

Hazard. Stop climate change instantly

Dawn of change. Hope

Palnackie School: Protect our woodlands, wildlife and improve clean air to breathe

Palnackie School: Warning, rapidly melting ice caps endangering life on earth

I stand for the passion and resilience of young people

Nature Bends to Thrive

Global Problems

Love for nature illuminates change with harmony and hope

For security we need unity in love and faith for our common home

Negative, your movements of fossil fuel is not understood

Stop your vessel instantly, I wish to communicate with you 

No entry for fossil fuel power stations

More information on the International Code of Signals HERE